Gwyne Howell James | Artist


Writing Drawing

Poetry featured in my artwork at an early stage, in fact I didn’t really frame it as ‘poetry’ originally, I thought of it more as rhymed data, I wanted to make points within the artwork as I have mentioned before and found it was more easily read or even listened to if it was written in verse like the lyrics of a song. When I recorded the soundtrack for the GACT project I was asked for written copies of my poetry , so that is what it became.
I used it again in the ‘Evolve II’ project, this time in written form. Although it’s never been published officially, it exists under the heading :A Blank Canvas: perhaps one day.
However when I returned to Pembrokeshire I walked the 186 miles of the coast and published my account in lyrical form in the book entitled ‘Walking Home (returning to the Pembrokeshire coast).

Life Drawing #3

Life Drawing Drawing

Life Drawing and Still Life are a pleasure and basically a means of honing skills , dealing with different textures.