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I work with a variety of media yet consider my art to be derived at through the media of painting i.e. format, construction, and aesthetics. Fine Art is often inherently elitist, in that to understand the meaning or purpose of an item of art the observer needs to understand various aspects about the artwork and often the artist, my priority is, by the use of symbol and colour , to produce exoteric paintings, as Terry Frost put it, ‘the painting has to stand and fall by itself’.

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Oil Painting #2

The ‘Diversity’ paintings were originally practice pieces, experiments I made with different paints and methods of applying them, but they became popular and entered into my portfolio in their own...

Landscape Painting
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Life Drawing #3

Life Drawing and Still Life are a pleasure and basically a means of honing skills , dealing with different textures.

Life Drawing Drawing
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Oil Painting #1

‘Ego’ was the first of the ‘Inner Landscape’ paintings and set the tone for whole project. A feature of my paintings, the application of sand to the primer mix, which...

  • Dimensions99.0cm x 99.0cm x 0.9cm
  • Year2020
  • MaterialsOil on canvas
Landscape Painting
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