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I work with a variety of media yet consider my art to be derived at through the media of painting i.e. format, construction, and aesthetics. Fine Art is often inherently elitist, in that to understand the meaning or purpose of an item of art the observer needs to understand various aspects about the artwork and often the artist, my priority is, by the use of symbol and colour , to produce exoteric paintings, as Terry Frost put it, ‘the painting has to stand and fall by itself’.

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Still Life #1

Still Life drawing or painting is an excellent way to explore new materials and hone skills.

Still Life Painting
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Portrait #2

Portraiture is my most enduring skill from teachers in school to caricatures of work colleagues, a likeness came automatically along with the more honest portraits of family and friends and...

Portraiture Painting
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Oil Painting #6

Each painting and project have inherited something different, something of what I have been experimenting with, in terms of applying paint to canvas. Sometimes the paint is sprayed, or I...

  • 'Psyche' 2001 oil on canvas
Landscape Painting
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Oil Painting #5

‘Alter Ego’ was the last of ‘Inner Landscape’ paintings, designed to express the dark side. It was eventually used or partially used for the GACT trip-tic. I photographed it in...

Landscape Painting
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Oil Painting #4

The ‘Reflections’ paintings came from a poem I had written after the third suicide, of someone at least known to me, in a very short space of time. Reflections To...

Landscape Painting
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Oil Painting #3

‘Intellect’ this painting was designed to relay intelligence, knowledge and learning as part of the ‘Inner Landscape’ series of paintings.

Landscape Painting
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