Gwyne Howell James | Artist

Oil Painting #4

Landscape Painting

The ‘Reflections’ paintings came from a poem I had written after the third suicide, of someone at least known to me, in a very short space of time.

To see a bird sail across the sky
Is all I need to want to be alive
Don’t throw your life away said I.

Strolling on the shore on a sunny morn
Watch the waves crash and explode on the sand
It makes you feel glad you were born

Walking in the mountains where the air is thin
Listen to the babbling, crackling of water fall
You know you’re alive and you won’t give in.

But here in this prison cell alone I cry,
No fresh air or noisy birds, no sea or sky,
Now for once in my life, I wish I could die.

the re-use of grids and a triptych to convey a spiritual transcendence along with the red sea kept the paintings in line with with the general advance of my work at that time